Tracy Morgan Fakes Memory Loss In SNL Address, He’s Still Got It!


Tracy Morgan did a series of clips for his comeback announcement saying he’s back and ready to host Saturday Night Live. He and Bobby Moynihan were in front of the camera doing several takes and each one is just a little different. The main component is Tracy telling the viewers he’s back in the house, but he goes off track each time, and says something crazy. He’s done a variety of promos with different stars.

The weirdest one is when he says, “Did I used to work here”, when Bobby Moyihan welcomed him back to the show. I know it’s all part of the comedy, but one never knows when an awkward thing like that could happen in real life. Here’s Tracy Morgan doing the SNL announcement with Bob Moynihan.

See, he’s got jokes!

Tracy Morgan and wife Megan Wollover-Morgan
Tracy Morgan and wife Megan Wollover-Morgan

Tracy still looks fine as hell, and it looks like marriage life aint hurting him any. Neither of them are looking fat and lazy asĀ  newlyweds. But they’ve only been married less than two months, after courting for several years. His wife and child are very beautiful. I reckon it’s business as usual, and marriage hasn’t brought any down-home cooking to the table, yet. J/K! Congrats Tracy and Megan Wollover-Morgan.

Tracy went through one hell of an automobile accident, it’s amazing he survived and has rehabilitated to the point where he can perform again. I bet he is excited, and maybe a little nervous to be coming back.

Tracy Morgan credited in 138 episodes of 30 Rock series
30 Rock

I know, as a fan, I loved watching Tracy Morgan’s crazy antics, especially in the 30 Rock series. I was really sad to see that show end in 2013 – what a bad year! But the good thing is there are plenty of episodes (nearly 140!). And, according to the IMDB, he’s credited in all of them.

A few days ago Tracy warmed up at the Comedy Cellar, perhaps testing the waters a little bit before his appearance on Saturday Night Live. A photo of Tracy Morgan on Comedy Cellar’s stage was posted on his Twitter account earlier this week @RealTracyMorgan. He included a message indicating he’s getting it together.

Sixteen months can seem like a lifetime when you are trying to get back to your passion. Our whole family loves Tracy, and frankly we are surprised to see such a fast recovery. Welcome back to the stage, welcome home, Tracy Morgan!