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We all know Uber as the easy and convenient transportation app that can get you a driver in 5 minutes to take you from point A to B at a fraction of the cost of a taxi. What we don’t know is that Uber as a company is plunging itself full force into the future, and beginning to invest time and money in new technologies.

Global Mapping

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In a recent announcement we learned that Uber has decided to invest $500 million into an ambitious global mapping project that will help wean itself off dependence on Google Maps and pave the way for driverless cars, the Financial Times reported on Sunday. Yes, you heard that right $500 million.

One Step Closer to Driverless Cars

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The reason for the huge investment in global mapping is all part of Uber’s master plan; getting one step closer to driverless cars.
Following new investments in the company earlier this year, Uber can now allow itself to spend big buck on these new technologies, working to make them a reality as soon as possible.