Viber introduces voice messages in Windows Phone


The implementation of calls through the Internet more known in the world of smartphones is still looking for its niche within the current scene. Despite the usual delay for the Windows Phone platform, Viber still has its users in mind to bring improvements and new features. Thus, through a new update, the holders of a device Windows Phone 8 will have a new way to get his voice to contacts using this application.

Viber update increases the version number to the on the Windows Phone platform. Among its innovations stands out, above the rest, the new function of voice. New to this platform after eight months working on Android and iPhone. Its voice keeps direct messages and talk. Something that transforms this application and the terminal in a sort of Walkie-Talkie to share directly, but not in real time the voice.

viber voice messages in windows phone

In this way, and in a manner similar to that seen in push to talk WhatsApp messages, Viber Windows phone users now can send small recordings as if a message over it were through a chat. Something which is not so much consumption data as a call via the Internet and allows you to send voice directly in a comfortable and fast. And it is that voice seems to be gaining an important value in messaging tools. But it is not the only novelty of this new version.

Next to such messages also become important alterations in the visual version Viber Elements that do not radically alter the appearance of the application, but that substantially improves it. It is specifically the design change of the display of call, which now has translucent buttons and more aesthetic and attractive proportions. In addition, there is now a default wallpaper to decorate the talks and prevent a flat and dull color as wallpaper.

Apart from this, Viber has redesigned its menu of Stickers or stickers. Content that encourages discussions and to monetize your application to sell different collections to users who want to use in your chats. Something that can now be more easily thanks to the independent adhesives menu. All a point to not overlap in the talks and prevent the novel user feeling lost.

Last, but not least, also listed improvements in overall performance in this update. Issues that directly affect the load of calls through the Internet, which should be done in one shorter time, in addition to expedite and improve the overall functioning of the entire application.

Ultimately, already waiting for a new version loaded with new features that users of Windows Phone for quite some time. Something that, unfortunately, are already accustomed. The new Viber release is now available for download through Windows Phone Store. An application that this year has been bought by the Asian giant of online shopping: Rakuten.