Watching Him Come Back To Life Was Like Seeing Childbirth – Khloe Kardashian


It may seem an incredibly miraculous time for Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom. She has been with him in his tuff times and had played a major role in his recovery from being in a coma to getting back to his normal life. Khloe watched over her estranged husband through days of being comatose and seeing his struggle has been surreal — a truly remarkable experience she likened to childbirth.

Lamar Odom fought to survive and wake up from his coma on October 16 was unlike anything  Khloe Kardashian, 31 had ever seen. Khloe has been going through hell as she was patiently waiting, hoping and praying for his relief and recovery. To see him pull through and awaken was nothing short of a miracle.

“Witnessing Lamar trying to come back to life was the closest Khloe’s ever felt to giving birth,” a source revealed. “Seeing his chest move up and down, him trying to fight his way back to life has to be the most surreal experience of Khloe’s life.”

“Doctors were telling her from the beginning the odds were against Lamar, but she feels Lamar heard them and is fighting desperately to prove them wrong,” the source continued. “This is one emotionally see-saw ride Khloe’s on. She’s hoping Lamar fully comes through so she can get off this up and down ride.”

While Lamar Odom has woken up and shown major signs of improvement, he isn’t completely healed yet and definitely needs some time to get back to his normal routine. He still has a long way to go in his recovery process, but Khloe is steadfast in her faith that he’ll be up and out of the hospital in no time. After all, it may have been her gentle words that woke him up in the first place!

Khloe’s utterance of “I love you,” to Lamar helped him to show the first signs of response from her estranged husband. “He nodded, and that was the first response we got from him. That was so encouraging,” a source told. When Lamar finally stirred, he looked up at Khloe, who has been lying by his hospital bedside since he was admitted, and said “Hey baby,” before drifting back to sleep.

If that’s not love, we don’t know what is. After first conscious, doctors were cautiously taking him off his breathing tube, switching between a ventilator and breathing mask to ensure he could fully breathe on his own. Now, we know that Lamar has been taken off the ventilator — a major sign that he’s on the road to recovery. His family remains “cautiously optimistic,” though. Lamar’s showing signs of great improvement, but they still have to protect themselves in case he takes a turn for the worst. We truly hope that’s not the case.

Even though Lamar Odom’s condition is improving, sources said that “Khloe Kardashian is waiting to tell him exactly how bad his alleged overdose was”.
Lamar Odom still does not know the extent of his terrifying hospitalization. Khloe Kardashian, 31, is not ready to “crush” her ex-husband with the scary details about how he ended up laying in a hospital bed.

“Lamar still too out of it to talk about all the grisly details of the past few days, He knows he’s in a hospital and that something bad happened but not a lot of details.” source revealed.

The source also said that “He’s just going in and out of being awake so Khloe, the doctors, and his family aren’t crushing him with details and questions. There is still too much unknown about Lamar’s condition for Khloe and his family to feel comfortable yet.” Even though it must be scary for Lamar right now, this definitely sounds like it’s for the best.