Why Are These Celebrities Depressed And Suicidal? Maybe They Are Just Human!


Have you noticed all the celebs talking about depression this week? I thought October was #BREASTCANCERAWARENESS month. Well, I’m totally glad there are no tragic breast cancer announcements currently in the news. But, at the same time, I’m a little puzzled by the sudden onset of celebrities admitting they have/had depression – even suicide plans. The trend is perplexing. What’s not surprising is celebs experiencing depression.

Popdust made a list of celebs who recently spoke up about depression. After Lady Gaga publicized her own depression being a lifelong struggle, other celebs followed suit – Travis Barker (was on the brink of suicide) Ozzy Osborne’s wife Sharon (had depression after giving birth), Hayden Panettiere (is searching for help), Sarah Silverman (communicated she was dealing with lifelong depression), Cara Delevingne (felt suicidal at the peak of her depression).

Lady GaGa seems to be popdust’s focus as she’s the one who got the ball rolling and brought out these “confessions” of depression. I’m baffled, wondering why PopDust published a whopping 90 photos of Lady Ga Ga following the article. She’s the ring leader here, I suppose. So, I’d like to touch on Lady GaGa’s behavior.

lady gaga in green onesie
lady gaga in green onesie

It’s easy to see why Ga Ga was depressed. She used to drink whiskey and smoke weed and let her vagina lips be photographed. I remember feeling “let down” when I watched her interview almost five years ago. I was disappointed because she had this huge following of kids (Little Monsters), and her message didn’t seem very inspiring. In her interview with Anderson Cooper (Feb 2011) she said:

I drink a lot of whiskey and I smoke weed when I write. I don’t do it a lot because it’s not good for my voice.

Later on she would have to live with those decisions. I’m sure that brought on a lot of regret once she quit that behavior. And it would be really depressing knowing nothing could erase her actions, as it had all been documented over and over in the press. Then a huge setback occurred when she struggled with her BORN THIS WAY tour. She injured her hip and it’s likely a great deal of depression came with that. She said she increased her marijuana usage to ease the hip pain.

At the end of 2013, she announced she gave up her marijuana habit which had gotten pretty heavy by that time. I’m not against marijuana usage, but, oddly enough, I was kind of relieved she curtailed her usage, then shared her situation with fans.

I was smoking 15 joints a day [because of hip pain]. I cold-turkeyed. For weeks and weeks I didn’t smoke at all. And now I smoke a little bit at night, just you know, for fun – but not to cope. That’s the difference.

I don’t understand why celebrities are suddenly swarming us with news of their depression. Us NORMAL FOLKS have depression, too. There’s probably not one single soul on the planet who is not affected by depression in some way. Just like Lady GaGa, we all have our stories. Even celebrities have huge setbacks.

Maybe this will be used as a positive platform for people who sit in shame with their own depression. Or maybe they have a family member they are ashamed of, because depression is a mental thing. And nobody wants to be deemed mentally unstable because life has gotten the better of them.

I’m not a celeb, but I will share something about one of my family members. The doctor wrote her a prescription for a common anti depressant, and the family member filled the prescription, but would NOT TAKE IT. She said, “I’m not CRAZY, so I’m not taking that pill”. That was an issue, because she was depressed, and we knew it, but she thought only crazy people need medication for “mental health”. That was a losing battle for the family.

With celebrities admitting they suffer TOO, it can be beneficial to get it out in the open and let people know it is OK to “have this”. It is OK to seek treatment.  It is not a scandalous condition. Life happens.

Demi Lovato wrists exposed
Demi Lovato wrists exposed

It’s too bad this “trend” didn’t start a little sooner. Why didn’t more celebs come out when Demi Lovato’s mental health issues were exposed? Maybe because it wasn’t a voluntary announcement. It’s all about timing, I suppose.  Demi’s situation was exposed several years ago, but it didn’t prompt a slew of celebs to own similar situations. I don’t see her name mentioned on PopDust’s celeb depression list – it was too long ago, I understand. Here’s a video from 2011 with Demi talking about her illness and how it was exposed to the public.