Why Most Musicians Don’t Get a Record Deal


Lots of musicians fail to get record deals because they build their careers based on myths about the music industry. Try not to commit their same errors. Teach yourself about the music business and concentrate on building personal value to offer to music organizations.

Here are three mistakes most musicians make that prevent them from getting record deals:

They Only Focus On Their Songwriting and Musical Skill

It’s a big mistake to invest all your time practicing your musical skills and songwriting when you need to build a music career. Although these elements are important, music organizations search for actual business value in musicians they work with. They can always find a good musician anywhere, what they need is somebody who has the complete package of musical skills, business mindset and other skills aside from musical abilities. Set aside time every week to find out about the music industry.

Their Mindset Is In Direct Conflict with Record Companies’ Goals

Most musicians think that music companies are out to “screw” musicians and otherwise condemn money, businesses, and capitalism. Organizations can smell this mentality from a mile away and never work with such musicians. Musicians who become successful understand the fact that music is a business. Most of them don’t believe there is anything wrong about earning a living with music and are happy to work with others in the industry so everyone can be successful.

Concentrate on becoming a musician who offers lots of value to other people in the music industry. Build up a win/win attitude by ensuring there is “something in it” for any organization who might want to work with you. One of the ways to offer value is to create a list of fans who you can easily reach. The larger the list, the greater your perceived value in the eyes of a record organization.

They Have Too Many Unknowns About Them

When you win/win mentality, work ethic, loyalty, track record of previous achievement are unknown, it makes you a risk for any music organization. Record organizations find it difficult to work with musicians when they don’t have this information.

Look for ways to show your values in these areas to help organizations understand that working with you is a big advantage for them.