Willy Nelson, Now 82 Is Ill And Had To Cancel Appearance With Merle Haggard


I didn’t realize Willie Nelson is already in his 80’s. Wow, talk about making a person feel old. There’s sad news today amid his return to the stage, as he has fallen ill with an undisclosed illness.

He has had to put off his appearances for now. Reports say he should be recovered in time to perform on October 18th. That’s good news for Virginia and South Carolina, but, unfortunately the schedule for the Pennsylvania show has been cancelled altogether.

The dailymail.co.uk said Willie Nelson’s Facebook fan page has a message posted on it saying he is under the weather and sorry about the inconvenience. They also reported that the announcement came out not very long before the shows were to start. They suggested Willie will reconnect with fans starting at the festival in North Carolina, quote:

His publicist said the tour is scheduled to resume on Sunday, October 18, at the American Roots Music Festival in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Virginia ticket holders aren’t expected to wait long. On the WSLS website, it says the cancelled Oct 16th show will be made up on Monday the 19th. So that’s not too much of a delay – but damn a show on a Monday, right? They are offering refunds, so it’s all good. Monday is better than nothing, I reckon. Plus, it’s worth a little inconvenience for two living legends! Also, tickets are still available. Quote from WSLS:

The [Oct 16 Willie & Merle show at Berglund] has been postponed due to illness [it’s] rescheduled [for Oct 19]. All tickets will be honored for the new date. Refunds [available if unable to attend] new date. Tickets [$55-$75 for sale] at HomeTownBankTix.com 877-HTB-TIXNow

Merle Haggard is getting up in the years as well, he just turned 78 in April. He’s still rolling along, and apparently Willie’s just under the weather. Many of us who were raised on their music are getting up in the years as well.

Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson touring Django & Jimmie
Django & Jimmie

I can’t wait to see videos coming in from fans of what will be some of the last performances Willie and Merle will do. I would like to add that both Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard released a record together earlier this year, titled ¬†Django and Jimmie. There are rumors going around that Merle Haggard may do a world tour in 2016, plus another album. We’ll stay tuned!

Here’s to good health for them, and hoping they can finish out the final leg of their Django and Jimmie tour. I wanted to close this post out with a music video, but I couldn’t decide which one to choose. Sorry.