X-Files Returns to Television With New Shows


The X-Files is coming back after being off the air for 13 years. This science fiction horror drama television series created by Chris Carter remains to this day one of the most popular shows in the genre. So it’s a mystery why it took so long to return.

Conspiracy theories and government secrets have long been an American favorite. X-Files however took it to a new level. Duchovny and Gillian Anderson as agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully inspired a pair of movies as well. Such was the popularity. In fact, some people even credit the series, which debuted in 1993, for paving the way for other iconic TV series, such as Lost, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

X-Files fans will have to wait until January to see the first episode of the new series on Fox. It is going to be a 6 episode run this time.

The entire first episode was screened this weekend at the New York Comic Con. The crowd was delighted, and so were the reviewers. Fans applauded the opening credits, the famous pencils on Mulder’s ceiling and other points throughout the episode. A new character played by Joel McHale has been introduced. Later, the series creator Chris Carter and Fox Mulder himself, David Duchovny, were ready to answer questions. Mitch Pileggi and Kumail Nanjiani were also present. Dana Scully was not there at New York.

“We live in a time where the government is suspect now, so that plays into what we’re doing. It revitalizes the show”, said Carter.

A replica of Mulder’s famous poster “I want to believe” was also on display.

There is huge expectation already about the new season of X-Files. Fox fanned the excitement a couple of weeks back by releasing a trailer for the new series.

Tom Nunan, formerly with Fox, and now a lecturer at the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television and the founder of the production company Bull’s Eye Entertainment, recalled that when the pilot finished, Murdoch turned to the executives and asked, “How many of you are true believers”?

“The vast majority of the room raised their hands, they were so convinced by the pilot that we’re not alone”, he said.